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Deepa Lele Cheulkar has a cumulative experience of 20 + years. 10 years she worked in a renowned Advertising Agency and 10 years as a Founder of her Brand  ‘ Sajiree Sarees ‘
Established in the year 2012, ‘SAJIREE Sarees’ is one of the synonymous brands for sarees. It has evolved with the time to become a category-killer in the saree industry and is poised to scale even bigger. We are an iconic traditional brand that emphasize on vital principles like trust, versatility and quality. Their rare colour combinations, different patterns, with historic glimpse attract the new saree owners. Kadiyaal Paithani, Kanjivaram, Ircal, Soft Silk, Chanderi, Maheshwari, Mysore Silk and Dupion Silk sarees are names of the few categories that they offer. Original Paithani, Paithani Replica, Semi Paithani, Single Pallu Paithani etc. are the modern versions available here that would suit your mood and style. Maharashtra’s delight Paithani, now can be your exclusive possession with Deepa Lele Cheulkar of Sajiree to help. Women can treat themselves with some and gents can gift their beautiful ladies with this phenomenal piece of art, thus delighting hearts all around. It can be draped by women of all ages across places with style and dignity.

Deepa Lele Cheulkar would help you with your styling and saree shopping at Sajiree. Get your red carpet look established for this festive season ahead. Bring home tradition and prosperity in this modern era through Sajiree . So remember if it’s saree, It has to be Sajiree.

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